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Food Security program to address the current crisis in Sri Lanka

We are One Campaign to bring Food Security for the people

The beautiful country of Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic crisis exacerbated by an ongoing political crisis. The people are facing an unprecedented lack of basic resources such as vehicle fuel and cooking gas, while inflation has lead to a scarcity of basic food provisions necessities. The local currency has depreciated immensely and the government has imposed over 10-hour long power cuts to manage resources. With the limited food access due to a badly implemented organic agriculture policy, Sarvodaya is working with organizations and like minded entities to push for a local solution. Sarvodaya is working to ensure that the young and old do not go hungry or worse.

The ‘Feed  Fundraiser 4 Sri Lanka’ is a partnership between Sarvodaya and Kimbula Kithul – a women-lead small-holder farmer supporting agri-food startup going from SL to the world – and their global friends.

Sarvodaya has partnered with Kimbula Kithul to bring food security to the people in need

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A true example of Shramadana in the age of COVID

Sarvodaya converted their largest training center in Thanamalwila Sri Lanka into an Intermediate Care Center to cater for those who cannot get health care otherwise, either due to economic reasons or due to their local government run hospital running over capacity.  

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne was happy to  announce that “after 2 and a half months of hard work we opened the center for operations. This whole project brought the whole movement together. Despite lockdown, the surrounding districts’ volunteers and staff came to make this happen. Real Shramadhana. Real manual hard work.” 

Initial plan was for 3 ICC’s but later converted to 1 big ICC to optimise funds and operations to benefit the beneficiary communities, the funds went into structural changes. The ICC structure was planned professionally to have open air, connecting with nature, with ample trees and greenery.  

“Surrounding districts got permission and came in small batches. We had to be careful that no one gets infected while they are working together. We took precautions where it was only 20 people at a time. It revived the movement again at a time when the country was in crisis.” Dr. Vinya elaborated. 

Watch the below video for a small glimpse of the ICC.

Appeal for Funds for Emergency Relief for communities affected economically due to the pandemic

The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement has begun distribution of emergency relief packs for families unable to access essential food and hygiene items for their households due to the prevailing lockdown and restricted movement conditions in the country. In this regard, The President of the Movement Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne makes an appeal to the general public to contribute however they can to be able to continue with this emergency relief program.

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Past Video messages on Sarvodaya’s response to Covid-19

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, board member of Sarvodaya USA and the General Secretary of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka, speaks on Sarvodaya’s contribution to society to cater to their quarantine requirements during the pandemic. He elaborates on the shift in mindset, lifestyle and attitude required to combat the new normal and how the center would cater to helping the people who are situated therein to take the time in quarantine for self reflection to bring about change in a positive direction.

Dr. A.T Ariyaratne, Founder of the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka, speaks of the spiritual aspect of combatting the pandemic. Society coming together for the greater goodness of all living beings is the only way forward for humanity to survive and thrive. Founded on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, combining buddhist principles, the motto of this movement is “We build the road, the road builds us”. Dr. A.T Ariyaratne and now his son Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne firmly believe in shared humanity as a big step in the upliftment of self.

All donations will be fully utilized in our post COVID-19 socio-economic recovery programs

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