Re-imagining our purpose

Compassion in Action

Re-imagining our purpose

We at Sarvodaya believe in keeping up with the times. Since the inception of Sarvodaya Sri Lanka way back in 1958, the goal has been to cater to the community’s current needs. The birth of Sarvodaya USA was with an objective of assisting towards this goal of achieving the basic human needs as spelled out by Sarvodaya Sri Lanka. As such, the concept of basic needs have evolved with the times and we felt it is time to update our approach.

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne in a focus group discussion

Creating room for a Rights based approach

1.   A clean, beautiful and protective environment1.   A clean, beautiful and protective environment – Environmental Justice, Rights of Children and Women and other disadvantaged/vulnerable groups
2.   Safe drinking water 2.   Safe drinking water 
3.   Adequate supplies of clothing 3.   Adequate supplies of clothing 
4.  Adequate and balanced nutrition 4.   Adequate and balanced nutrition – Right to Food. Food Security & Food Sovereignty
5.   Simple housing 5.   Simple housing – Right to Shelter/Housing
6.   Basic health care 6.   Basic health care – Right to Health. Social Determinants of Health
7.   Basic communication facilities 7.   Basic communication facilities – Right to Access: “Digital Divide”
8.   A minimal supply of energy 8.   A minimal supply of energy – energy security 
9.   Holistic education 9.   Holistic education – Right to Education & Learning
10. Satisfaction of spiritual and Cultural needs10. Satisfaction of spiritual and Cultural needs – Right to religious cultural practice. Right to freedom of expression
Awakening through meeting Basic Human Needs – The “Original 10” and the updated, rights based approach
The infrastructure for Sarvodaya’s support and success

Join the Compassionate Action Team!

We have established a new monthly giving program to ensure that there is steady funding for Sarvodaya’s transformative work to get rural villages on their feet through this updated rights based approach.

Click here to become a valued donor for Sarvodaya USA and tick the box “make this donation monthly”. You will be acknowledged each month for your contribution and if need be, you may cancel anytime.


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