E-School Studio by Sarvodaya

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E-School Studio by Sarvodaya

Sarvodaya built, launched and introduced a studio for e-learning on July 24th 2020. Named e-iskole (literally meaning e-school), this studio will be able to reach communities who are currently facing concerns to educate their children, youth, and adults. Essentially the e-school is an audio-visual recording studio with modern accessories and amenities including green-screens, audio/video recording and editing facilities needed to create and conduct live webinars, live chat, documentaries, virtual training programs etc. This platform is created to disseminate quality educational content to the society. 

The e-iskole, or e-school, is an interactive form of knowledge production giving participants an active role to play instead of just watching a pre-recorded production.

Sarvodaya aims to address practical as well as philosophical issues faced by society today to widen their knowledge, skill sets, and understanding of current events, outlooks and attitudes. Sarvodaya has planned exciting new programs through e-iskole, targeting different groups while giving a special focus to children and youth.

In light of the current COVID19 crisis, restricting adults and children to stay within the confines of their homes, platforms such as e-iskole are able to surpass these issues and connect with their audiences and support them during these trying times.


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