A true example of Shramadana in the age of COVID

Compassion in Action

A true example of Shramadana in the age of COVID

Sarvodaya converted their largest training center in Thanamalwila Sri Lanka into an Intermediate Care Center to cater for those who cannot get health care otherwise, either due to economic reasons or due to their local government run hospital running over capacity.  

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne was happy to  announce that “after 2 and a half months of hard work we opened the center for operations. This whole project brought the whole movement together. Despite lockdown, the surrounding districts’ volunteers and staff came to make this happen. Real Shramadhana. Real manual hard work.” 

Initial plan was for 3 ICC’s but later converted to 1 big ICC to optimise funds and operations to benefit the beneficiary communities, the funds went into structural changes. The ICC structure was planned professionally to have open air, connecting with nature, with ample trees and greenery.  

“Surrounding districts got permission and came in small batches. We had to be careful that no one gets infected while they are working together. We took precautions where it was only 20 people at a time. It revived the movement again at a time when the country was in crisis.” Dr. Vinya elaborated. 

Watch the below video for a small glimpse of the ICC.

Appeal for Funds for Emergency Relief for communities affected economically due to the pandemic

The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement has begun distribution of emergency relief packs for families unable to access essential food and hygiene items for their households due to the prevailing lockdown and restricted movement conditions in the country. In this regard, The President of the Movement Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne makes an appeal to the general public to contribute however they can to be able to continue with this emergency relief program.

Check Watch and Read for more on Sarvodaya and its work in regard to the COVID19 pandemic.


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